An irreverent, hilarious insider's look at big-time NCAA basketball, through the eyes of the nation's most famous benchwarmer and author of the popular blog. Don't Put Me in, Coach So, don't put him in, coach—he may not be ready to play! and Control; 2. Don't Put Me In, Coach by Mark Titus is Basketball An irreverent, amusing insider's attending at big-time NCAA basketball, through the eyes of.

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Get Instant Access to PDF File: #6adf45e5 Don't Put Me In, Coach: My Incredible Ncaa Journey From The End Of The Bench To The End Of. (c) >>> page 1 of 8 PDF File: 6adf45e5 Don't Put Me In, Coach: My Incredible Ncaa Journey From The End. Get Free Read & Download Files Dont Put Me In Coach My Incredible Ncaa Journey From The End Of Bench To Mark Titus PDF. DONT PUT ME IN COACH MY.

By , 42 additional states and the District of Columbia had passed similar laws. The long-term effects of repeated blows to the head have only begun to surface. We need to be diligent in recognizing and preventing TBI in all athletes, because doing so can prevent further brain injury or even death. Arm yourself with information; the CDC Web site is an excellent resource www. It must be recognized as the serious and potentially dangerous occurrence it is.

Share your thoughts and experiences with me at NPEditor frontlinemedcom. References 1. Functionally detected cognitive impairment in high school football players without clinically diagnosed concussion.

J Neurotrauma. Cold emails are also bad. One way is meeting new people in-person.

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Steve and Rich recommend you first put yourself into a mindset of giving instead of taking, then go and connect with people. You can also start by reconnecting with people you already know, like old friends or colleagues.


Ask about their life in a genuine way. Or you can go to a social event and initiate contact with people that way. You can also develop your own intellectual property and a body of work.

This is obviously a long-term strategy. Steve Chandler has written dozens of books, on everything from time management to business.

Some of the people who read your book will reach out to you, and you can use the opportunity to schedule a conversation. Also, just the fact that you have written a book will instantly make people see you as an expert. This makes it easier for you to charge higher fees, get speaking engagements and be seen as an authority by your potential clients.

I got the impression Steve and Rich create many of their clients from their speaking. They often speak in front of groups. There will often be someone impressed with their message who will later contact them interested in one-on-one coaching. They will quickly schedule a one-on-one conversation while the enthusiasm is high. No worries! The internet has opened up so many other channels for you to start publishing your thoughts and advice where other people can find it.

You can write articles, interview people or get interviewed on podcasts, start a Youtube channel. Just pick the method that resonates best with you and start publishing today. I personally love writing. Action Step: Decide which online channel is the best fit for you. Is it blogging, podcasting or starting a Youtube channel?

It all depends on your personal strengths and personality. Then plan out your first piece of content that will attract and help your target client. How do you really connect with someone in a 2-hour conversation so they feel transformed by the experience and want to hire you? Steve and Rich say the most important thing is to find the goal underneath their goal.

Download [PDF] Don t Put Me In, Coach: My Incredible NCAA Journey from the End of the Bench to

Show up. Be present. Be bold.

Coach them powerfully. Be relentless. Be Sherlock Holmes and explore deeper into their lives than anyone has ever gone with them. And then I help them to dream bigger than they have ever dreamed before.

Dont Put Me In, Coach

Then I help them see a way they can really, truly create that dream in their life. You can feel how passionate Steve and Rich are about coaching. And their energy comes through so well in their writing. In your first coaching session with someone, the most important thing is for you to find out what they really want. This may not be what they tell you in the beginning.

People are always putting up a social mask , especially when they meet someone new. At first glance, it looks like their goal is becoming filthy rich. But maybe you dig some more and ask why they want the 10 million dollars.

And then you find out they work hours per week now on their business, leaving them no time for family, hobbies or relaxation. And the only way out they can see is to sell their business.

When you find their real goal, you may be able to give them a shortcut to reach it much sooner.

For example, you could show the business owner how to hire and train a manager which frees up much of their time. What else?

And what else? Eliminate your self-doubt by collecting your coaching success stories A lot of beginner coaches have self-doubt. They are always questioning if they are good enough.

This lack of confidence transfers to people they talk to, which makes it hard for them to get clients. You just need to talk about facts and real-life stories that demonstrate your coaching successes. Tell stories in a matter of fact way about how your client achieved an important goal or overcame a problem in their life. If something is a fact that happened, then you can easily talk about it with absolute certainty and confidence.

This is not about bragging. Think about it. If someone just met you and wants to work with you, they first need to know that you have the skills to coach people. So you just share what you and your clients have done in the past. They want to work with someone who will help them get what they want.

Mark Titus

And past client stories prove you have the skills to make a difference in their life. Steve and Rich do this constantly in this book. After talking about an idea, they tell the story of how one of their clients used that idea to be more successful.

Action Step: Make sure you keep a record whenever you get an email or call from someone thanking you for your work. Write down when a client hits an important goal. Read over this list before your coaching conversations to remind yourself of who you are. And most importantly share the stories with potential clients, casually slipping them into the conversation.

You only get paid by helping someone solve a real problem or achieve a concrete goal When you first learned about professional coaching, did you feel surprised that people might actually pay just to talk to you? They will pay IF they believe talking to you will let them solve some problem in their life or achieve some concrete goal. And this is where many beginner coaches go wrong.

This is all about YOU and not about what the client cares about. All other activities are weak-kneed and wimpy and will have you quit this profession in absolute despair.

The crowning achievement of my interview-distracting career was no doubt when I stood behind a guy interviewing power forward Ivan Harris on TV and tried to show Ivan that he had a booger hanging out of his nose. Hang on a sec. I gotta go to the bathroom real quick and take care of this.

Perhaps the best example of this happened at one of our open practices at the Georgia Dome. We were forced to have open practices at every stop along the way of the NCAA tournament, but at the Final Four these practices generated a lot more fan interest and were more for show than they were during the first few rounds of the tournament.

Midway through the practice, he walked over to me, covered the microphone that was clipped on his shirt, and told me he wanted to have some fun. A few minutes later, Coach Matta called my name. He put his arm around me. Well, I got news for you. You gotta pull your head out of your ass before you can put your dick in there.

Now get your shit together, go back out there, and make a shot. Probably not. Either way, I remember verbatim what he said when practice was over and all the players gathered around him for his standard post-practice talk.

Georgetown was good and had a handful of solid players led by Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert, who are now on the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers, respectively , but they were methodical on offense and we were confident that we understood their system well enough to stifle them.Hang on a sec. Midway through the practice, he walked over to me, covered the microphone that was clipped on his shirt, and told me he wanted to have some fun. She has already achieved a great deal in life.

It should be noted that although Greg missed, a foul was called on Jeff Green. For example, veteran faculty, fearing reprisal or impatience, may be reticent to ask for technological help from junior faculty, but they will embrace working through challenges with a respected contemporary who has comparable experience.

I do everything that's asked of me in practice as hard as I can.

And then obviously became an integral part of this basketball team.